Thursday, August 07, 2008

Conservatives Pray for Rain on Obama

Today seemed to be slow when it came to news of a paranormal nature, so here's a story I found on PZ Myers' blog that just made me laugh.

An NBC News affiliate in Colorado reported that a video producer for Focus on a the Family, a conservative Christian lobbying group headed by James Dobson, wants people to pray for bad weather when presumptive Democratic nominee for president Barack Obama makes his speech during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Obama plans to give his acceptance speech at the Convention, which is being held outdoors at Invesco Field on August 28.

The video producer, Stuart Shepard, made his request to the faithful during his most recent internet video for Focus on the Family. From the article:

"He says he's only partly joking.

'Sure it's boyish humor perhaps to wish for something like that, but at the same time it's something people feel very strongly about. They're concerned about where he would take the nation,' said Shepard"

So, if people are concerned about where a presidential candidate would take the country, one should wish undesirably weather on that candidate for one day? As Dr. Myers and commentors on his blog suggested, why not wish something more harsh than rain on Obama? Weather like fire from the sky, or falling frogs? Why waste God's considerable talent, demonstrated to terrifying effectiveness in the Old Testament of the Bible, on something as simple as rain?

Things like this prove just how desperate some factions of the religious right have gotten in the past few months. First they freak out because some biology professor threw a cracker in the garbage, then they plan to boycott McDonalds for supporting the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, now they're wishing for what amounts to a theistic wet willy on an innocent presidential candidate. Will the compassion of some Christian conservatives never end?

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